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Heidi Burson After Hours In Store Concert March 9 7:00 p.m.

Heidi Burson After Hours In Store Concert March 9 7:00 p.m.

Posted by Vinyl Renaissance & Audio Kansas City on 28th Jan 2019

Our second After Hours concert is March 9. Admission is $15

Heidi is an award-winning artist and songwriter and has released 2 full-length albums, Every Shade of Blue in 2012 and The Story in 2017 which features a powerful 12-piece band. You might hear Heidi’s music on independent radio stations across the US and even as far as Berlin. Her single, "Give Your Love Away" has been featured on BBC Radio.
Heidi's story as an artist is one of shared human experience. Very early on, she felt the poignancy of the music of the great soul singers who came before her like Etta James and Aretha Franklin. She was struck by the power and intensity with which they expressed the longing, which we all share, for love and acceptance. These influences, coupled with her own life experiences and a generous dusting of wry humor, have helped to forge a voice and style that is uniquely fascinating. Her delivery is captivating. When Heidi sings, people listen.
With relentless drive and some milestone career goals now achieved, Heidi hopes to continue reaching across the world to connect people to each other with the love of good music. As an independent artist with something relevant to say and a better understanding of how to navigate the music industry on her own terms, there is much still yet to come from this one in the years ahead.