PSB Speakers

PSB, which stands for Paul and Sue Barton, was founded by Paul Barton who is also the Chief Designer to this day. Located in Pickering, Ontario, Canada, the company has been designing and engineering loudspeakers under the registered name since 1972. Today, PSB is a well known and respected leader in the consumer electronics industry for audio, creating a broad range of high performance, high-value loudspeakers for music and home cinema applications.

PSB, like any company, points to four attributes for their products: Performance. Appearance. Value. And Reliability. Performance is the main objective in delivering products. PSB evaluates loudspeakers in an anechoic chamber, and compares them with room measurements and listener preferences in various rooms. Value is equally important. Appearance is also very important. Everyone has different tastes and PSB works hard to supply a broad range of sizes and applications (in-room, in-wall/in-ceiling, and in-cabinet styles) to appeal to everyone.

Reliability – it has to work. Along with performance, reliability is equally on the mind of the consumer purchasing audio equipment. With the endurance tests that we put our systems through on a daily basis, with high highs and deep lows, it’s got to withstand. PSB’s psychoacoustics research includes testing the critical interaction between loudspeaker, listener and room acoustics.

  • PSB Alpha T20 Tower Speaker (Pair) Walnut


    PSB Alpha T20 Tower Speaker (Pair) Walnut

    A speaker for both sound and aesthetics. The PSB T20 Tower delivers the highest quality acoustics in the new Alpha Series and will easily fill any size room with lush, full-bodied sound. Leveraging the latest research in acoustic design and...

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  • PSB Alpha AM5 Powered Bookshelf Speakers Pair PSB Alpha AM5 Powered Bookshelf Speakers Pair


    PSB AM5 Powered Bookshelf Speakers Pair

    Building on PSB's almost 50 years of award-winning speaker design expertise, the Alpha AM5 compact, powered speakers deliver a natural, detailed sound with precision and less distortion. While the Alphas quickly rose to be one of the world’s most...

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